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Reset templates cache key

Alexandru Croitor requested to merge reset_template_cache_key into master

What does this MR do?

This resets description templates cache key, thus making templates being reloaded and recached with the correct format. The problem appeared when we deployed !52360 (merged) (merged) where we should have changed the cache key as here we are filtering templates by project_id which is not yet present in the returned hash introduced in !52222 (diffs) but there the project_id is always nil

Here is a production snippet run for Gitlab project

repository_cache =

=>   { 
    "" =>[
      {:name=>"Change Documentation Location", :id=>"Change Documentation Location", :key=>"Change Documentation Location", :project_id=>nil}, 
      {:name=>"Documentation", :id=>"Documentation", :key=>"Documentation", :project_id=>nil}, 
      {:name=>"New End To End Test", :id=>"New End To End Test", :key=>"New End To End Test", :project_id=>nil}, 
      {:name=>"New Static Analysis Check", :id=>"New Static Analysis Check", :key=>"New Static Analysis Check", :project_id=>nil}, 
      {:name=>"Security Release", :id=>"Security Release", :key=>"Security Release", :project_id=>nil}

You can note the :project_id=>nil in the result, which makes the list of templates to be empty.

#322078 (closed)

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