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Rolldown issue and merge request templates to projects in the group [RUN ALL RSPEC] [RUN AS-IF-FOSS]

Alexandru Croitor requested to merge rolldown-issuable-templates into master

What does this MR do?

This MR introduces the ability to configure a repository with issue and merge request templates at group level so that subgroups and projects within the group would access the templates.

The implementation uses the same idea that is being used for File Templates feature, that can be setup at group or instance level and be inherited by any project within given instance or group.

Although these are described as different features in our docs, both are basically templates, and more than that both sources of the templates leave within the project repository, with only difference that each lives within its own folder(s).


This change does warrant a documentation change/update which is tracked in #293907 (closed)

At this moment this MR is considered to be dependent on having the docs in first.

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