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    Release [1.5.6] Added the following: · 04011adf
    Anders Prier Lindvig authored
     * Made setExternalForceTorque a real-time command fixes #245
     * Added the function getInverseKinematicsHasSolution(), closes #65 and #248
     * Cleaned up some code in the script client to avoid duplication.
     * Added possibility of specifying additional CB version supported in control script.
     * Updated support matrix
     * Improved asynchronous stop - allow stop interruption by another stop command.
     * Added missing getDigitalInState() to rtde_receive_interface and to rtde_python_bindings
     * Fix gripper autoCalibrate() function to properly set native range
     * Fixed application crash in case of network connection loss
     * Implemented support for async stopJ and stopL commands
     * Added support for extended asynchronous operation progress status
     * Updated CI pipeline, now uses cibuildwheel and UR official docker images
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