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Default time zone: Pacific time

Inkscape Vectors is a global community of people from all over the globe. To facilitate setting up clear meeting times throughout the year and allow everyone from every time zone to reliably determine when the meeting starts we have chosen that the default time zone will be the Pacific time:

  • PST during the winter part of the year and
  • PDT during the summer part of the year

This was decided to allow our Pacific sleepy heads enough time to wake up and make coffee :) The unwritten rule that will now 😲 be written is not to schedule anything before 8:00 AM Pacific time.

Download ICS calendar reminders

Download the ICS calendar file and import into your calendar application to be reminded about Inkscape Vector meetings.

There's also an overview on the website (currently (2020-09-04) times are in UTC).

Other team calendars are available for some of the teams that are linked from the teams overview page.

📆 Vectors Calendar



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