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Add a new `upstream_merge` task

Rémy Coutable requested to merge rc/add-a-ce-to-ee-merge-task into master

The goal is to have the task:

  1. Merge CE into EE
  2. Open a merge request
  3. (Optional) Ping the most relevant people by looking at the conflicting files' history
  4. Specs


  1. Add the ability to find/create a merge request: !139 (merged)
  2. Move remotes to the Project classes and get rid of the Remotes class: !168 (merged)
  3. Add head, status, log, fetch, checkout_new_branch, pull, push, and merge to RemoteRepository: !177 (merged)
  4. Introduce a new CommitAuthor class : !197 (merged)


  1. Allow to pass MENTION=true (default to false) to ping people in the MR description
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