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Convert external_http pages setting to bool for rails

Vladimir Shushlin requested to merge external_http_pages_fix into master

What does this MR do?

external_http setting in rails is only used as a boolean value:

In !4919 (comment 485431592) we set it by default to [] which would be treated by rails as true. This will create a bug when custom domains will be available even though they shouldn't. E.g. see discussion in #5930 (comment 484618255)

We already converted external_https to be just a boolean flag a while ago, I think we should do the same for external_http

I setting ~"Pick into 13.7" because #5930 (closed) was introduced in %13.7 and the previous fix is picked there and ~"Pick into 13.8"(we close to cut-off).

Related issues

Closes #5930 (closed)


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