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What does this MR do?


Introduces banned user state and UI. Adds the option to ban a user to the Admin Area > Users > (user's name) page. Clicking "Ban user" currently only blocks the user. In future iterations, banning a user will also hide their comments and issues from other users, as described in the epic proposal.

ban is behind a feature flag, ban_user_feature_flag, which will be removed when work on the ban feature is complete. Rollout issue: #330667

Testing with feature flag

# to enable banning:
pry(main)> Feature.enable(:ban_user_feature_flag)
=> true

# to disable banning: 
[84] pry(main)> Feature.disable(:ban_user_feature_flag)
=> true

Screenshots (strongly suggested)

With ban_user_feature_flag enabled:

Banning a user:



Banned user tab:


With ban_user_feature_flag disabled:


The "Banned" tab no longer appears, but you can still filter by banned to find users that were banned before the feature flag was disabled.


Banned users can be unbanned, but cannot be re-banned until the feature flag is enabled again.

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