Prioritized Labels
  • bridge pipelines
    Issues related to how pipelines start and depend on each other. Includes triggering, cross-project pipelines, and child/parent pipelines
  • groupanalyzer frontend
    Secure: Issues being worked on by the Secure Analyzer Frontend Team
  • pipeline dag
    Issues related to Pipeline Directed Acyclic Graphs
  • pipeline authoring
    Issues related to authoring the .gitlab-ci.yml file and CI YAML configuration ( but excludes issues handled by another label such as "CI rules"
  • CI persistence
    Issues related to Persistence (workspaces, caching). Does not include artifacts, which is its own label
  • milestonep1
    Priority 1 for the assigned milestone.
  • milestonep2
    Priority 2 for the assigned milestone.
  • milestonep3
    Priority 3 for the assigned milestone.
  • milestonep4
    Priority 4 for the assigned milestone.
  • CI rules
    Issues related to CI rules or linting
  • quad-planningcomplete-no-action
    Issue has gone through Quad Planning process (PM,Dev,UX,QE) and does not require any additional action
  • priority1
    We will address this as soon as possible regardless of limit on our team capacity. See
  • priority2
    We will address this soon and will provide capacity from our team for it in the next few releases. See
  • priority3
    We want to address this but may have other higher priority items. See
  • priority4
    We don't have visibility when this will be addressed. See
  • Other Labels
  • ๐Ÿ‰
    Label to show UX team has recently reviewed the issue as of April 2020 / GitLab
  • ๐ŸŽ
    ๐ŸŽ Used by the Fulfillment group to identify potentially quick wins that have a weight of 2 or less - i.e. low hanging fruit
  • ๐Ÿ’
    Cherry pick / GitLab
  • #field-fyi
    Earmarked to notify the sales team of issue updates.
  • 1st contribution
    First contribution from a community member
  • 2021-db-training
    Issues that you want to look with the trainer and other trainees in the working sessions of 2021 PostgreSQL database training
  • 2021Q1 Latency Degradation
  • 2FA
  • 5-minute-prod-app
    5 minute production app. New initiative from Sid and DZ.
  • ? / GitLab
  • A/B test / GitLab
  • API Limits
  • APM
    Issues for Application Performance Monitoring (APM), part of the Monitor stage of the DevOps lifecycle
  • AR-0open
    Access Request opened and has not been seen, worked on, or added to backlog
  • AR-1needs manager approval
    Access Request pending Manager Approval
  • AR-2backlog
    Access Requests with assigned, approval labels, and ready to go
  • AR-3in progress
    Access Request currently in progress
  • AR-4on hold
    Access Request pending licenses
  • ARM
  • ASC
    Issues that are designated to be tackled as part of the Advanced Software Course