Resolve "Merge request approval button style inadvertently changed"

What does this MR do?

Fixes a minor visual regression for the MR approval button. This button should appear solid when an approval is required before merging.

This also removes the use of gl-loading-icon in favor of the loading property of gl-button, which also has the side effect of preventing users from triggering the @click action when the button is in a loading state. (Previously this would trigger an error message at the top of the screen as you are trying to approve/unapprove an already approved/unapproved MR)

This addresses both #224139 (closed) and #29151 (closed)


button style correction:

before after
before after

loading style/behavior improvement:

before after
approve-old approve-new

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Closes #224139 (closed) and #29151 (closed)

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