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GH-style Jira DVCS endpoints return 404 by default

What does this MR do and why?

This MR makes all endpoints involved in the deprecated "GitHub-style" method of integrating with the Jira DVCS now return 404 by default.

The endpoints in API::v3::GitHub have been deprecated since 15.1.

Due to uncertainty about the impact of a full removal in 16.0, all endpoints return 404 by default but we allow customers to toggle a flag to reverse this breaking change.

See #362168 (comment 1347692683).

In future, we will make the breaking change irreversible #408148 (closed).

We can make a breaking change to /api/v3 endpoints - even though normal api/v4 endpoints cannot be removed in %16.0 - as the v3 endpoints are only used by Jira and are not part of our public API.

Documentation has already removed references to the GitHub Enterprise-style of the DVCS integration in !117581 (merged).

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Related to #362168 (closed)

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