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    1. Fix boost::sertialization class export (changed slightly in boost 1.42,... · cacc9589
    Václav Šmilauer authored
    1. Fix boost::sertialization class export (changed slightly in boost 1.42, which broke our case); that also solves the issues at maverick
    2. Add framework for tracking energies (will be documented at some point), added to Law2_ScGeom_FrictPhys_CundallStrack, see scripts/test/energy.py
    3. Convert energy trackers in Hertz-Mindlin to OpenMPAccumulator
    4. Make OpenMPAccumulator align storage so that each thread uses one cache line (should be faster)
    5. Make OpenMPAccumulator not require zero value pointer (is handled via ZeroInitializer template in lib/base/Math.hpp
    6. Make OpenMPAccumulator work transparently with python (it can be used as a regular attribute now), make it boost::serializable as well; it appears transparently as a number in python.
    7. Add OpenMPArrayAccumulator, for linear array of values (used in EnergyTracker)
    8. Make deprecated attributes with non-g++ compilers (clang); previously, only g++>=4.3 was supported
    9. Fix a few example script (not completed)
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