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    Proto/Michelson: internal renaming of "union" into "or" · 30fc436a
    Raphaël Cauderlier authored and Marge Bot's avatar Marge Bot committed
    The Michelson type "or" is referred to as "union" in the protocol to
    avoid clashing with OCaml's keyword "or".
    This is inconsistent with the way all other Michelson types are
    This commit renames all occurrences of "union" into "or" except the
    few ones that would clash with the OCaml keyword (the definition of
    the type used to interpret "or" in the IR: Script_typed_ir.union and
    two functions to construct "or" types outside of the protocol:
    Types.union in lib_benchmarks/lib_benchmark_type_inference and
    Michelson_types.union in lib_benchmarks_proto) which are renamed to
    "or_" instead.
    Co-authored-by: Julien's avatarJulien Tesson <julien.tesson@nomadic-labs.com>