[2.0] - 2021-03-15


  • Enable ID calculation for the Reference Registry via extension point (#236)
  • MGL modularity/Cross MGL inheritance
  • Scoped wildcards for containements and connection relationships
  • Anchors can be customized using the 'anchor' keyword for shapes in the MSL
  • Cinco Event System (#262)
    • EventHub: A centralized event handling interface
    • Event API: Evolution of Cinco hooks
    • More info in the Wiki
  • Startup meta plugin (#225): Lets Cinco users run code at Cinco product startup
  • Style property within graphical model elements as a replacement for the removed style annotation (#266)


  • Rewrite MGL Ecore generator (priorly known as MGLAlternateGenerator)
  • Removed CincoPostResizeHook.postResize(T modelElement, int deltaWidth, int deltaHeight) and postResize(T modelElement, int direction, int deltaWidth, int deltaHeight) (#235)
    • Use postResize(T modelElement, int oldWidth, int oldHeight, int oldX, int oldY, Direction direction) instead
  • Added new graphmodel.Node.resize(int width, int height, int x, int y) method
  • Changed Java Version. Java 11 is now required
  • Changed Eclipse Version. CINCO is now based on Eclipse 2020-06.
  • Removed the style annotation and replaced it with


  • @postResize did not trigger (#265)
  • @preSave did not trigger
  • Prime references in prime references (#259)
  • "No model changes! Generate anyways?" dialog now displays the message correctly


  • Style annotation (has been replaced by the new style property) (#266)