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    Release 2.2.2; Bug fixes, savefile compatible · 36400b00
    Chris authored
    * A number of small gameplay bugs are now fixed.  See for
    * Added a default font for the SDL version to use if none is specified.
    * Replaced uses of strncpy with a wrapper that ensures the result is
      always null-terminated.
    * Fixed a bug in the launch script that was preventing it from working
      when invoked via symbolic link.
    * Running the relarn executable in the src/ directory now works again.
      As a side effect, it is no longer possible to set a hard-coded
      installation path at compile time.  The path now comes from the
      launch script via an environment variable.
    * It should no longer be necessary to edit the Makefile or config.mak
      for out-of-the-box builds.
    * Added an experimental script to cross-compile for Windows on *nix
      systems using MinGW.
    * Updated the build instructions.
    * Various other tweaks.
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