New release - v0.0.2

John Snow requested to merge jsnow/python-qemu-qmp:new_release into main

If this MR is approved, after merge I will be tagging this commit as "v0.0.2", building packages, and publishing them to PyPI.

New release; primarily for the benefit of downstream packaging. This is a minor release that should be safe to upgrade to, unless you are relying on string-matching repr() output for certain error classes, which have changed slightly.


This release primarily fixes development tooling, documentation, and packaging issues that have no impact on the library itself. A handful of small, runtime visible changes were added as polish.

  • Milestone: %v0.0.2
  • #28 (closed): Added manual pages and web docs for qmp-shell[-wrap]
  • #27 (closed): Support building Sphinx docs from SDist files
  • #26 (closed): Add support to GitLab merge requests
  • #25 (closed): qmp-shell-wrap now exits gracefully when qemu-system not found.
  • #24 (closed): Minor packaging fixes.
  • #10 (closed): qmp-tui exits gracefully when [tui] extras are not installed.
  • #9 (closed): __repr__ methods have been improved for all custom classes.
  • #4 (closed): Mutating now also changes logging messages.



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