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Draft: olimex-teres_i: New Device (OLIMEX Teres-I)

DO NOT MERGE: Pending Alpine Linux changes to fix the U-Boot bootloader

Relevant: (Fixes display initialization, that previously resulted in an unusable display)

Relevant: (Fixes PMIC regulator initialization which causes disfunctional display)

Relevant: (rebuilt u-boot with fixed arm-trusted-firmware)

Relevant: (Working branch for testers)


Blocked-by: !4774 (closed)


Status: Awaits testing

Post-Merge checklist

  • Checklist:
    • Install instructions
    • Notes about SUNXI_SETUP_REGULATORS and minimal supported arm-trusted-firmware version (>=2.8.14)
    • Contrib EFI support to linux-postmarketos-linux - See !4774 (closed), tldr it's using non-standard kernel that is introducing a breaking noise in the development so decided to work on linux-lts package instead
    • Contrib SPI support to linux-postmarketos-linux - Appears to be included in alpine's linux-lts
    • Fix Suspension and Hibernation - Broken due to lack of crust dependency in upstream alpine's u-boot, @mps said to be working on implementing that
    • [-] Fix Audio -- Appears to depend on userland configuration will be addresed in upcoming merge request
    • [-] INFO: PSCI: Suspend is unavailable - Expects fixes in Alpine Linux to add crust in the u-boot-sunxi package
    • [-] "GNOME only works if xfce4 is installed" - confirmed, seemingly userland issue
    • [-] The GPT Table gets corrupted upon installation due to u-boot flashing - pmbootstrap issue
Edited by Steve Wonder

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