[SE-2763] Explain JIRA fields, task creation and JIRA tips

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This fixes:

  • #11 (closed), how to add a ticket and which fields to use
  • #12 (closed), how to close a ticket
  • #18 (closed), how to use JIRA, what do colors and icons mean, and what can be ignored

The onboarding course will mention this section when inviting the newcomer to take a first look at JIRA: onboarding-course!65 (merged)

How to test this MR:

  • mainly check the markdown format (internal links). You can use Gitlab's preview
  • check the formatting (not very consistent; I more-or-less wrote fields names as code, and references as italic)
  • check that everything was addressed
  • check that it's factually correct, and not too out of date
  • check writing style

After merging this and onboarding-course!65 (merged), close the 3 issues mentioned above.

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