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  • satstat-3.3   Feature and maintenance release Sky plot: make compass orientation work on devices with compass but no orientation sensor Sky plot: add support for Galileo Sky plot and notification: add support for UTM coordinates Preferences: include a hint on map download source Map download: keep notification after map download finishes Map download: adapt to new directory layout on Mapsforge mirror server Metadata: add feature graphics, icon and screenshots for F-Droid Translations: updates for French and Hungarian Bug fixes: Sky plot: use Altitude consistently Sky plot and notification: display negative coordinates correctly in non-decimal formats Map view: fix crash caused by a rare race condition Map download: do not crash if retrieving the map directory fails Map download: correctly display map sizes above 2 GiB Map download: display list correctly even after screen rotation About screen: make links clickable
  • satstat-3.2   Maintenance release Update Portuguese translation Fix crash in CDMA cell view Fix nautic coordinate display
  • satstat-3.1   Bugfix release Fix crash in Settings on API levels prior to 19 (#89) Update French translation (thanks eliovir) Use correct unit for speed in notification
  • satstat-3.0   Major feature release Support for offline maps, which can be shared with other Mapsforge apps (#65) Add option to show both UMTS/LTE cell ID representations (#77) Optionally show speed in knots (#74) Label GNSS systems in satellite SNR bar graph (#64) Different options to sort WiFis (#44) Allow manual purging of map tile cache Switch map tile provider from (discontinued) Mapquest to OSM (#86) Fully support Android's new runtime permission model (#67) Update to Mapsforge 0.6.1, now with proper persistent caching Look and feel improvements Fix faulty mph conversion in satellite view Fix memory leak when rotating or leaving and re-entering map view
    c06336c4 · Translation update ·
  • satstat-2.2   Bugfix release Fix crashes when permissions are denied Fix memory leak when stopping or destroying main Activity
  • satstat-2.1   Maintenance release Add option for metric vs. Imperial measurement units Add option for UTC vs. local time for GPS timestamps Add option to split UMTS/LTE cell IDs Add options for various coordinate formats Add Hungarian translations, thanks to kadarivan Add legend for colors and symbols used Size graphics depending on display density Increase expiration delay for location providers Target API 19 Introduce Material LAF Include notice in AGPS message that success cannot be reported RIL: use all available cell information sources Preserve state of main activity when returning from another Run media scanner on crash log files Use friendly date and time for crash log files RIL: display neighboring cells correctly RIL: show correct signal strength RIL: correctly separate LTE cells from GSM/UMTS cells Fix Mapsforge crash Fix color issue in Sensor view on Marshmallow
  • satstat-2.0   Major feature release Map view: new view to visualize reported locations GPS view: display SNR bars for all known satellites (including Beidou and various SBAS systems) Radio cell view: add support for LTE on Android versions that support it Radio cell view: display neighboring cells correctly Radio cell view: use CellInfo on Android versions that support it Radio cell view: eliminate duplicate entries Radio cell view: show PSC for UMTS cells Radio cell view: display dashes instead of bogus values when data is missing Notifications: animate icon while searching for location Notifications: show correct TTFF Notifications: update content after losing fix About screen: show version When crashing, write crash log file Fix cases in which automatic AGPS download would fail silently (#38) Update mobile network type even when no data connection is active (#30) Fix screen orientation lock issue on landscape-default devices (#32) Do not crash upon receiving location updates with NaN coordinates (#35) Do not crash when radio is not connected
  • satstat-1.8   Bugfix release Fix time conversion error that could cause an endless AGPS update loop (#31) Typo in French translation Show TTFF in notification (experimental)
  • satstat-1.7   Feature release Show cellular network type (#21) Show type of WiFi encryption (#20) Auto-refresh WiFi network list every second (#26) Touch WiFi network to pin it to the top of the list (#26) Hide empty cell list in network view Choose from all available networks for AGPS auto-update (#18) Check for captive portal before AGPS update attempt (#18) Repeat AGPS auto-update each time the interval expires if a selected network is available (#18) Fix minor screen real estate issue in German translation (#23) Prevent crash upon switching to other activities (#27)
  • satstat-1.6   Bugfix release Prevent crash on AGPS update
  • satstat-1.5   Feature and bugfix release Update AGPS data when connecting to a WiFi network (configurable) Prevent crash when sensors report zero resolution
  • satstat-1.4   Feature release GPS status notification whenever an app accesses GPS (configurable) Add signal-to-noise graph for GPS/GLONASS satellites Translations: Catalan, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Lithuanian Add NESW marks to sky plot Lock display rotation when device is in near-horizontal position Use sensor resolution to determine number of decimals displayed Show build number in About screen Fix dormant sizing bug in sky plot
  • satstat-1.3   Bugfix release Fix regression from 60b8becb pushing sky plot off screen in landscape Log satellites with near-zero elevation/azimuth
  • satstat-1.2   Feature and bugfix release AGPS data download Support for 5 GHz WiFI frequencies (#9) Tab navigation in action bar in addition to swiping Prevent NPE when returning to main activity Improved sizing for sky plot to avoid pushing vies off the screen (#6)
  • satstat-1.1   Bugfix release Support for legacy (3.0+) Android versions (#1) WiFi now displays channels (#2) Sky plot now aligned correctly when display is rotated (#4)
  • satstat-1.0   First release version