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Fix loaddata

Django dumpdata does not specify the order of fixtures. This way, during loaddata, some relations might be missing the other side.

This is currently happening with:

  • Threads.starting_email <> Email.thread
  • Threads.mailinglist <> Maillist

But it might happen again in the future if dumpdata order changes or if a new relationship is added.

For now, you can migrate a site dumping all apps but hyperkitty and django_mailman3 dumpdata --exclude hyperkitty --exclude django_mailman3 > django.json dumpdata django_mailman3 > django_mailman3.json dumpdata hyperkitty > hyperkitty.json

Change your database settings and let it create the tables. Now, import django.json, truncate hyperkitty_profile and django_mailman3_profile tables and then import django_mailman3.json and hyperkitty.json: loaddata django.json
sql> truncate table django_mailman3_profile loaddata django_mailman3.json
sql> truncate table hyperkitty_profile loaddata hyperkitty.json

I'm not sure why *_profile are conflicting but my guess is that it is populating that table on-the-fly while fixtures are being loaded.

Signed-off-by: Luiz Angelo Daros de Luca

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