This release provides some fixes regarding the flowgraph parameters handling, new CW blocks and a CW decoder flowgraph.
  • Some flowgraphs handled user defined parameters differently than others. Now all available flowgraphs parse and use the given parameters (antenna, SDR device) in the same way
  • The default antenna RF port for the USRP is now the TX/RX. Users can override the default and specify the desired antenna using the --antenna parameter. E.g: satnogs_fm_demod --antenna='RX2'
  • A CW decoder that automatically tries to decode CW signals is now available. Some fine tuning may still required, so feedback is most welcomed.
  • The CW decoder executable is called All the available command line arguments can be listed using the --help command.
  • Among with the CW decoder, this release included several blocks that can be used for CW transmission.