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  • v1.5.1 protected   New decoders and fixes on linkage issues and BPSK decoding flowgraph
    5291e180 · Bump up version to 1.5.1 ·

    New features:

    • Golay (24, 12) decoder

    • Decoding flowgraph for the Reacktor Hello World Satellite


    • Improve documentation

    • Installation instructions for Debian

    • Remove obsolete dependencies


  • v1.5 protected   Performance improvements and new decoders
    1afb2bae · Bump up version to 1.5.0 ·

    New Features

    • X3xx USRP support
    • AX.25 related flowgraphs for FSK, MSK, BPSK. New flowgraphs are now called satnogs_fsk_ax25.py, satnogs_msk_ax25.py and satnogs_bpsk_ax25.py. All of them require the baudrate as parameter. The MSK and FSK can support up to 19200 baudrate, whereas the BPSK can support an arbitrary baudrate with the requirement of the SDR sampling rate to be at least 4 times the desired baudrate
    • Complete redesign of BPSK decoding


    • The satnogs_info.py script can now report also the git hash of the gr-satnogs version. The GrVersion.cmake CMake module is now integrated into the source code, for those platforms that do not have it already installed at the default CMake modules path
    • Fix deprecation warning of the Boost common_factor
    • Remove of obsolete files and flowgraphs
    • Simplify LO offset correction, by using only the Rotator block instead of an NCO and a multiply block
  • v1.4.2 protected   Support for all AMSAT FOX satellites
    79bf73e5 · Bump up version to 1.4.2 ·
    • Fix AMSAT FOX spacecraft filtering issue at the DUV decoder
  • v1.4.1 protected   Support high target frequencies through rigctl
  • v1.4 protected   Several bug fixes and enhancements
    75384606 · Bump up version to 1.4.0 ·

    New Features

    • AX.25 compatible BPSK decoder


    • Improve DUV sensitivity
    • Fix NOAA APT sync issues
    • Improve CW sensitivity
    • Fix bandwidth incompatibility in NOAA APT waterfall
  • v1.3 protected   * Add AMSAT DUV decoder * Fix AX.25 decoder issue * Improve performance of Quadrature Demodulation based flowgraphs, using the `Quadrature Demod Filter`. This filter drastically reduces the false alarms, therefore increasing the decoders performance * Some satellites operating on AFSK1200, use scrambled version of the AX.25, opposed to the 'standard'. The AFSK1200 flowgraph uses now both scrambled and unscrambled AX.25 decoder * Set all decoders to save their decoded data in binary format
    f7d5ef54 · Bump up version to 1.3.0 ·
  • v1.2.6 protected   Fix NOAA issue and add UDP sinks to all the flowgraphs that decode frames
    e2703d26 · Bump up version to 1.2.6 ·
    • Fix NOAA issue caused by a buggy flowgraph regeneration
    • Add UDP sinks for the flowgraphs that decode frames. With this new feature, operators can forward automatically the frames using the UDP messages
    • Fix the satnogs_version.py utility to report the proper version instructed by the CMake
  • v1.2.5 protected   Fix issue with the waterfall of the APT decoder
    8598978c · Bump ap version to 1.2.5 ·
  • v1.2.4 protected   Fix several bugs
    870474c0 · Bump version to 1.2.4 ·
    • Fix swig issue with the debug blocks
    • Change the decoded frames storage format to raw binary
    • APT decoder is now produces only one image file
    • Remove obsolete match filtering blocks
  • v1.2.2 protected   Redesign of the NOAA APT decoder

    This release provides a redesigned implementation of the NOAA APT decoder, that deals better with the synchronization and the image alignment compared to the previous one.

  • v1.2 protected   This release provides some fixes regarding the flowgraph parameters handling, new CW blocks and a CW decoder flowgraph.
    • Some flowgraphs handled user defined parameters differently than others. Now all available flowgraphs parse and use the given parameters (antenna, SDR device) in the same way
    • The default antenna RF port for the USRP is now the TX/RX. Users can override the default and specify the desired antenna using the --antenna parameter. E.g: satnogs_fm_demod --antenna='RX2'
    • A CW decoder that automatically tries to decode CW signals is now available. Some fine tuning may still required, so feedback is most welcomed.
    • The CW decoder executable is called satnongs_cw_decoder.py. All the available command line arguments can be listed using the satnongs_cw_decoder.py --help command.
    • Among with the CW decoder, this release included several blocks that can be used for CW transmission.
  • v1.1 protected
    9177df04 · Bump version ·

    This release includes a set of new features:

    • Generic and fully automated FSK 9600 G3RUH AX.25 decoder. Decoded frames are stored in appropriate files and get uploaded by the satnogs-client to the network
    • A NOAA APT decoder with automatic synchronization and image creation
    • Improved filtering on fm_demod flowgraph
    • Waterfall image for every observation
  • v1.0 protected

    This release provides a set of fully tested and working GNU Radio blocks including:

    • A generic FSK receiver - transmitter with preamble and sync word support
    • A G3RUH compatible 9600 baud FSK receiver - transmitter.
    • A transceiver for the UPsat satellite