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JH need more complex passwords

What does this MR do and why?

JH need more complex pwd or our SaaS can never online since the law policy of China.

I add validation of password_complexity in JH see gitlab-jh/gitlab!210 (diffs)

and the jobs of pipeline were almost all red see, since many test examples using to create(:user) with a weak password like 12345678.

So we need to a stronger one (123qweQWE!@#) which is like in this MR to let the pipeline green.

I know this style of coding maybe not acceptable, but it's a tmp quick solution.

I tried to override it under JH, but sadly not work. I created jh/spec/factories/users.rb to spec/factories/users.rb and change like

# frozen_string_literal: true

FactoryBot.modify do
  factory :user, aliases: [:author, :assignee, :recipient, :owner, :resource_owner] do
    email { generate(:email) }
    name { generate(:name) }
    username { generate(:username) }
    password { "123qweQWE!@#" }

besides, there are many other tests red... see

@godfat-gitlab Could you please help see this, thanks!

CC @qianzhangxa

Edited by Rémy Coutable

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