Open invite members for task modal in Learn GitLab project

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What does this MR do and why?

This is an experiment where we test the link Invite your colleagues on the Learn GitLab project:

  • control: a link to an explanation issue
  • candidate: a trigger to open the invite members for task modal

The hypothesis is that the candidate results in more members being added to a namespace.

Issue: gitlab-org/growth/team-tasks#459 (closed)

UX Issue: gitlab-org/growth/team-tasks#445 (closed)

Screenshots or screen recordings

Initial state Link clicked Colleagues invited
Screen_Shot_2021-11-12_at_18.59.11 Screen_Shot_2021-11-12_at_18.58.36 Screen_Shot_2021-11-12_at_18.58.49

Quick demo of the experiment:

How to set up and validate locally

  1. IN rails console, enable the experiment
  2. Register a new user and visit the newly created Learn GitLab project (http://localhost:3000/${group}/${project}/-/learn_gitlab)
  3. Click the Invite your colleagues link

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