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Fix: keep latest artifacts checkbox shows always disabled

Fabio Pitino requested to merge fix-keep-artifacts-project-setting into master

What does this MR do?

Fix for #322115 (closed)

When viewing the project CI/CD settings as non application admin it shows the checkbox Keep artifacts from most recent successful jobs always disabled, saying that "This feature is disabled at the instance level", although the application settings shows that the feature IS enabled.


The problem is located in the application settings GraphQL response since we authorize reading application settings to only admins.


The frontend uses both:

  • project-level setting in order to draw the checkbox and its status
  • application-level settings in order to enable/disable changes and showing the help text


Rather than fetching application-level settings from GraphQL we only display the Artifacts section of the project settings if the application setting keep_latest_artifact is enabled. Otherwise we hide the entire section since that setting is the only one in the section today.

As this is a severity2 regression, this has Pick into auto-deploy

Screenshots (strongly suggested)

Application setting disabled Application setting enabled
image image

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