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Fix project transfer corrupting shared runners state

Adrien Kohlbecker requested to merge ak/fix-project-transfer into master

What does this MR do?

See #271728 (closed)

Fixes an issue where a project transferred to a group that disables the use of shared runners can still access the shared runners.

The database is in an inconsistent state, the project below should have shared_runners_enabled: false:

[ gprd ] production> project = Project.find_by_full_path('issue-testing/test-11_02')
=> #<Project id:22177621 issue-testing/test-11_02>>
[ gprd ] production> project.shared_runners_enabled
=> true
[ gprd ] production> project.shared_runners.count
=> 15
[ gprd ] production>
=> "disabled_and_unoverridable"

To fix this, a post-deployment migration is required to make sure the inconsistent state is reverted. Could the database folks confirm that this will indeed fix the problem on dot com and self-managed?

This was introduced in 13.5 by !36080 (merged), so I'm setting ~"Pick into 13.5" and ~"Pick into 13.6" based on the database becoming inconsistent.

Migration output

➜ ak@Adriens-MacBook-Pro gitlab git:(ak/fix-project-transfer) bundle exec rake db:rollback 
== 20201110161542 CleanupTransferedProjectsSharedRunners: reverting ===========
== 20201110161542 CleanupTransferedProjectsSharedRunners: reverted (0.0000s) ==

➜ ak@Adriens-MacBook-Pro gitlab git:(ak/fix-project-transfer) ✗ bundle exec rake db:migrate 
== 20201110161542 CleanupTransferedProjectsSharedRunners: migrating ===========
== 20201110161542 CleanupTransferedProjectsSharedRunners: migrated (0.0683s) ==


explain UPDATE "projects" SET "shared_runners_enabled" = false WHERE "projects"."namespace_id" IN (SELECT "namespaces"."id" FROM "namespaces" WHERE "namespaces"."id" >= 8161*1000 AND "namespaces"."id" < (8161+1)*1000 AND "namespaces"."shared_runners_enabled" = false AND "namespaces"."allow_descendants_override_disabled_shared_runners" = false)

 ModifyTable on public.projects  (cost=0.87..1338.77 rows=2 width=803) (actual time=4658.429..4658.432 rows=0 loops=1)
   Buffers: shared hit=26207 read=3140 dirtied=1918
   I/O Timings: read=4442.447
   ->  Nested Loop  (cost=0.87..1338.77 rows=2 width=803) (actual time=24.947..1063.581 rows=430 loops=1)
         Buffers: shared hit=870 read=646 dirtied=11
         I/O Timings: read=1047.070
         ->  Index Scan using namespaces_pkey on public.namespaces  (cost=0.43..1310.57 rows=1 width=10) (actual time=16.982..308.121 rows=217 loops=1)
               Index Cond: (( >= 8161000) AND ( < 8162000))
               Filter: ((NOT namespaces.shared_runners_enabled) AND (NOT namespaces.allow_descendants_override_disabled_shared_runners))
               Rows Removed by Filter: 714
               Buffers: shared hit=212 read=220
               I/O Timings: read=304.286
         ->  Index Scan using index_projects_on_namespace_id_and_id on public.projects  (cost=0.43..28.02 rows=18 width=752) (actual time=1.686..3.470 rows=2 loops=217)
               Index Cond: (projects.namespace_id =
               Buffers: shared hit=658 read=426 dirtied=11
               I/O Timings: read=742.784

Expected timing

9206978 records to update (size of `namespaces` at 2020-11-21)
Number of jobs enqueued = 9206978 / 25000 = 369 (each job processes 25K namespaces)

Each job processes namespaces in 1k batches
batch size = 1000
Estimated times per 1k batch: 4.5 sec worst case scenario in `#database-lab`
Worst case scenario Total time per job: 4.5 * 25 = 112.5 sec 

Delay between sidekiq jobs = 3 minutes (to cover cases when due to locks or other parameters the job may take even more than 120sec)

Total time for all background jobs to run = 369 * 3min = 1107 min = 18.45 hours

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