Add health status to haml issue list

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What does this MR do?

  • Adds health status to haml issue list (!218330)
    • This feature's already implemented for vue issue list but vue issue list won't likely roll out in the next 1~2 releases.
  • Reorders the issue weight indicator icon to come before the health status and regular labels
  • Adjusts the style for health status labels: !45141 (comment 429836064)


Issue list

before (notice the label/icon order!) after
Screen_Shot_2020-10-15_at_3.44.21_PM Screen_Shot_2020-10-15_at_4.08.18_PM

Epic tree (style change only)

before after
Screen_Shot_2020-10-15_at_3.45.20_PM Screen_Shot_2020-10-15_at_4.08.42_PM

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Related to #218330 (closed)

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