Exclude 2FA from upload#show routes and 404s

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What does this MR do?

As seen in #247461 (closed), nonexistent routes should not redirect to the 2FA page, as there can be missing resources, which would cause the 2FA secret to be regenerated

For UploadsController#show routes, any resource trying to be loaded while on the 2FA page (avatar, custom header etc) would redirect to the 2FA page, also regenerating the token after the QR/key was already rendered in the view.

This skips the 2FA check for UploadsController#show routes and ApplicationController#route_not_found ones. The latter is correct, but the UploadsController#show may not be the best idea from a security p.o.v. - it would allow users with enforced 2FA to still view uploads if they had a direct link.

WDYT @dblessing @mksionek?


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