Add support for linting based on schemas in WebIDE

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What does this MR do?

Issue: #218472 (closed)

  1. Adds support for linting based on schemas in the Web IDE. Now we can easily add schemas to lint any json or yaml files.
  2. Adds support for linting .gitlab-ci.yml files.
  3. Updates monaco-editor to 0.20.0 and monaco-editor-webpack-plugin to 1.9.0. (An upgrade was required since in order to get monaco-yaml needed a higher version (0.19.x) of monaco-editor than what we currently had (0.18.x).)

Known Issues

When closing the .gitlab-ci.yml file, there is an error in the console:

console error

This is a known issue and is an issue in the monaco-yaml library. I've raised a PR in the upstream repo to fix it. The console error doesn't cause visible issues in the Web IDE though.


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