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Backfill StatusPage::PublishedIncidents and add /publish quick action

Sarah Yasonik requested to merge sy-publish-command into master

What does this MR do?

  • Backfills table for ::StatusPage::PublishedIncident with entries for all public issues for which status page is enabled & are not confidential (idempotent). This is a new feature with low usage, so this will be fairly few rows.
  • Updates PublishService to determine whether to publish an issue based on whether an entry in ::StatusPage::PublishedIncident exists (was & still is idempotent)
  • Adds a /publish quick action which only appears for developers+ on non-published issues.
  • Not changed: confidential issues still cannot be published.

Related issue: #209849 (closed)

MRs for full feature:

Migration output:

$ rake db:migrate
== 20200421195234 BackfillStatusPagePublishedIncidents: migrating =============
== 20200421195234 BackfillStatusPagePublishedIncidents: migrated (0.0630s) ====

$ rake db:migrate:down VERSION=20200421195234
== 20200421195234 BackfillStatusPagePublishedIncidents: reverting =============
== 20200421195234 BackfillStatusPagePublishedIncidents: reverted (0.0000s) ====

Migration query execution plan:

SELECT * FROM issues 
INNER JOIN status_page_settings 
ON status_page_settings.project_id = issues.project_id
WHERE status_page_settings.enabled = true 
AND issues.confidential = false
Nested Loop  (cost=0.56..263.10 rows=137 width=3572) (actual time=9.835..24.239 rows=6 loops=1)
   Buffers: shared hit=5 read=13
   I/O Timings: read=24.054
   ->  Seq Scan on public.status_page_settings  (cost=0.00..4.02 rows=1 width=2265) (actual time=0.889..0.891 rows=2 loops=1)
         Filter: status_page_settings.enabled
         Rows Removed by Filter: 0
         Buffers: shared read=1
         I/O Timings: read=0.878
   ->  Index Scan using index_issues_on_project_id_and_iid on public.issues  (cost=0.56..257.71 rows=137 width=1307) (actual time=7.107..11.666 rows=3 loops=2)
         Index Cond: (issues.project_id = status_page_settings.project_id)
         Filter: (NOT issues.confidential)
         Rows Removed by Filter: 0
         Buffers: shared hit=5 read=12
         I/O Timings: read=23.176
Time: 24.774 ms
  - planning: 0.476 ms
  - execution: 24.298 ms
    - I/O read: 24.054 ms
    - I/O write: 0.000 ms

Shared buffers:
  - hits: 5 (~40.00 KiB) from the buffer pool
  - reads: 13 (~104.00 KiB) from the OS file cache, including disk I/O
  - dirtied: 0
  - writes: 0


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Screen_Shot_2020-05-20_at_11.43.44_AM Screen_Shot_2020-05-20_at_11.06.57_AM Screen_Shot_2020-05-21_at_5.50.28_PM

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