Migrate dismissals to vulnerabilities

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What does this MR do?

Adds a background migration to update the state of vulnerabilities records for all projects to be dismissed where the corresponding vulnerability_occurrences record has been dismissed.

There are roughly 3_227 projects that need to be migrated. With a two minute delay between scheduling them, that comes up to roughly 4.4 days to run.

All of the below queries were ran against our #database-lab slack channel.

1. Find all projects that have vulnerabilities records code

https://gitlab.slack.com/archives/CLJMDRD8C/p1587416589003900 (GitLab internal)


Time: 527.164 ms

explain SELECT "vulnerabilities"."project_id" FROM "vulnerabilities" GROUP BY "vulnerabilities"."project_id" ORDER BY "vulnerabilities"."project_id"

2. Set the state of vulnerabilities to dismissed for a project

https://gitlab.slack.com/archives/CLJMDRD8C/p1586457259428200 (GitLab internal)


Time: 1.155 ms

UPDATE vulnerabilities
            SET state = 2
            FROM vulnerability_occurrences
            WHERE vulnerability_occurrences.vulnerability_id = "vulnerabilities"."id"
              AND vulnerabilities.state = 1
              AND (
                EXISTS (
                  SELECT 1
                  FROM vulnerability_feedback
                  WHERE vulnerability_occurrences.report_type = vulnerability_feedback.category
                    AND vulnerability_occurrences.project_id = vulnerability_feedback.project_id
                    AND ENCODE(vulnerability_occurrences.project_fingerprint, 'HEX') = vulnerability_feedback.project_fingerprint
                    AND vulnerability_feedback.feedback_type = 0
              AND vulnerability_occurrences.project_id = 14492286;

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