Move group "Administration" nav behind feature flag

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What does this MR do?

This is a follow up to !28057 (merged). There has been some negative feedback around this change (see thread here: #209020 (closed)) and it probably should have been behind a feature flag from the get go (learning experience 🙂). Because of this we have decided to move this behind a feature flag until we can best determine how to proceed.


  • Moves group "Administration" nav behind group_administration_nav_item feature flag
  • Reverts documentation updates made in !28057 (merged). To be further discussed in #213726 (closed)

Local Testing

  1. Install an EE license. See
  2. Enable these SAML SSO related feature flags: group_saml, enforced_sso, and enforced_sso_requires_session
  3. Enable group_saml in config/gitlab.yml. See Note: Ensure this is added to the development: section of your config
  4. Enable group_administration_nav_item feature flag
    • bin/rails console
    • group = Group.find_by(name: 'group name')
    • Feature.enable(:group_administration_nav_item, group)


Page Before !28057 (merged) was merged After w/ feature disabled After w/ feature enabled
Parent Group Screen_Shot_2020-03-25_at_2.42.45_PM gdk.localhost_3443_groups_gma-group_-_saml Screen_Shot_2020-04-07_at_2.12.00_PM
Subgroup localhost_3000_groups_gma_gma-subgroup_-edit__1 gdk.localhost_3443_groups_gma-group_sub-group_-edit__1 gdk.localhost_3443_groups_gma-group_sub-group_-edit__2

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