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Update index_options to fix advanced search queries

Dmitry Gruzd requested to merge 213265-fix-search-for-complex-queries into master

What does this MR do?

We recently introduced a regression in !25992 (merged) . This MR changed some index settings in Elasticsearch and it turns out (although not well documented in that if you do use these cheaper index settings then certain "phrase searches" will fail.

In the Elasticsearch docs it gets a casual mention:

Positions can be used for proximity or phrase queries.

But really it means to say that if you don't have positions then any attempt to do a phrase query will cause an error. These errors can be found at .

GitLab supports these phrase searches as documented in using the Elasticsearch simple query string syntax. As such any users searching for phrases like "hello world" would get a 500.

Until this regression is fixed we've disabled Elasticsearch searching on

This MR also introduces some more regression tests that we should have had to begin with to test all the examples from our docs across all the different scopes you can search. These tests do correctly fail without the offsets index revert in this MR so this gives us confidence that this problem is fixed.

After this MR is merged we will sadly need to reindex everything in Elasticsearch since there is no way to migrate the schema changes.


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Closes #213265 (closed)

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