Add pipeline deletion button to UI

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What does this MR do?

This MR adds the capability to delete pipelines via web-ui (pipeline details page), which was previously only possible via API (introduced in gitlab-foss!22988 (merged)). It follows the same capability concept as the API, hence only allowing project owners to delete pipelines.

Closes issue #24851 (closed)



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  • UX: The original issue (#24851 (closed)) also mentions a batch deletion functionality. I ignored this feature in this MR as it doesn't add that much value (delete actions normally require confirmation modals, which leads to 2 clicks per pipeline deletion; This MR requires 3 clicks while adding extra safety).
  • frontend: There were a couple ways to handle the server communication (using the API, using a JSON post endpoint, using a redirect endpoint). To keep the changes to a minimal and stay in sync with other deletion endpoints (e.g. job trace erase), I've decided to go with the third option.


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