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Create new custom Permission: read_crm_contact

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What does this MR do and why?

relates to Users with Minimal Access and Reporter roles ca... (#443268)

This MR creates a new custom Permission: read_crm_contact.

This new permission allows enterprise admins to create new roles that have access to view all crm contacts which would let users with minimal or guest access on the group add contacts to issues they have permission to manage.

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How to set up and validate locally

  • For a group that has an Ultimate plan,
  • Create a new custom role with the minimal access base permission, and add a custom read_crm_contact permission.
  • Create new namespace and enable the CRM feature
  • Add a user to a namespace with the custom role you just created
  • Create a project inside the namespace and add the user with the reporter role assigned
  • As the user, create an issue an attempt to use the /add_contacts quick action. It will be available in:
    • The new issue composer
    • The existing issue edit composer
    • The comment composer on the issue
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