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Replace zoekt feature_flags with application_settings

What does this MR do and why?

Add Zoekt settings under the Advanced Search settings. Replace the three feature flags with the Zoekt Application settings.

Feature flag -> Zoekt application settings

  • index_code_with_zoekt -> zoekt_indexing_enabled
  • zoekt_pause_indexing -> zoekt_indexing_paused
  • search_code_with_zoekt -> zoekt_search_enabled

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Screenshots or screen recordings

Before After
Screenshot_2024-05-13_at_12.14.30 Screenshot_2024-05-13_at_17.16.32

How to set up and validate locally

  1. Make sure Zoekt is set up.
  2. Run the gdk locally and navigate to /admin. You might need to restart the gdk. Notice that there is a new item Exact Code Search in the Settings
  3. Open a rails console and verify that checkbox values match with the ApplicationSetting.last.zoekt_settings
  4. Check/Uncheck the options and verify the changes reflected in the record ApplicationSetting.last.zoekt_settings

Related to #389765 (closed)

#452340 (closed)

Edited by Ravi Kumar

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