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Protected containers: Delete protection rule in project settings ui

What does this MR do and why?

  • Adding button "Delete rule" for each row containing a protection rule
  • Sending a graphql mutation "deleteContainerRegistryProtectionRule" when the button "Delete rule" is clicked
  • Showing an alert when the graphql mutation fails
  • Adding tests for button 'Delete rule'
  • Code mostly taken from related MR, see Protected packages: Delete protection rule in p... (!140483 - merged)

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Screenshots or screen recordings

Short screencast:

Before After
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How to set up and validate locally

  1. Enable Registry by editting config/gitlab.yml with the following setting
  enabled: true
  1. Restart GDK, see also
gdk restart
  1. In rails console enable the experiment fully
  1. Create some container protection rules to show in the table
15.times { |i| ContainerRegistry::Protection::Rule.create(project: Project.find(7), repository_path_pattern: "flightjs/flight#{i}", push_protected_up_to_access_level: :maintainer, delete_protected_up_to_access_level: :developer) }
  1. Go to http://gdk.test:3000/flightjs/Flight/-/settings/packages_and_registries
  2. Start deleting and re-adding container protection rules

Related to #441345

Edited by Gerardo Navarro

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