Resolve "[FE] Create setting to force the user to register/use new credentials for a specific group"

What does this MR do?

Improve SAML settings with validation, design, and help text

  • SAML settings checkboxes now use toggle buttons
  • Client-side validation for enabling/disabling various SAML options
  • Helper text and callouts depending on which options are enabled

(In all honesty, it might've been faster to move this section into Vue 😆)





SAML disabled SAML enabled Enforce SSO enabled Group managed accounts enabled
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How to test

You need to add the below to your config/gitlab.yml file

  - { name: 'group_saml' }

Enable the following feature flags in the Rails console (rails c):

  • Feature.enable(:enforced_sso)
  • Feature.enable(:group_scim)
  • Feature.enable(:group_managed_accounts)

Then select a group -> hover settings -> select SAML SSO

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Closes #10206 (closed)

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