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Update lint-markdown image for docs

Kati Paizee requested to merge docs-kpaizee-update-lint-image into main

What does this MR do?

  1. Updates the lint-markdown image for this project. Vale and markdownlint versions updated in gitlab-docs!2571 (merged) and new image rebuilt and added to gitlab-docs registry in
  2. Minor doc update to trigger the job that uses the image, to test if it works.

Author's checklist

If you are only adding documentation, do not add any of the following labels:

  • ~"feature"
  • ~"frontend"
  • ~"backend"
  • ~"bug"
  • ~"database"

These labels cause the MR to be added to code verification QA issues.

Review checklist

Documentation-related MRs should be reviewed by a Technical Writer for a non-blocking review, based on Documentation Guidelines and the Style Guide.

  • If the content requires it, ensure the information is reviewed by a subject matter expert.
  • Technical writer review items:
    • Ensure docs metadata is present and up-to-date.
    • Ensure the appropriate labels are added to this MR.
    • If relevant to this MR, ensure content topic type principles are in use, including:
      • The headings should be something you'd do a Google search for. Instead of Default behavior, say something like Default behavior when you close an issue.
      • The headings (other than the page title) should be active. Instead of Configuring GDK, say something like Configure GDK.
      • Any task steps should be written as a numbered list.
      • If the content still needs to be edited for topic types, you can create a follow-up issue with the docs-technical-debt label.
  • Review by assigned maintainer, who can always request/require the above reviews. Maintainer's review can occur before or after a technical writer review.
  • Ensure a release milestone is set.

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