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Adding GitLab Pages to CE

James Edwards-Jones requested to merge jej-pages-to-ce into master


Adds GitLab Pages to CE as promised in via We’re bringing GitLab Pages to the Community Edition


To check

  • Test on a server, including nginx config examples work, etc.
  • Check through changed files and ensure that things like CHANGELOG entries are excluded
  • Ensure that migrations work, and doesn't mess with migrations on EE.
  • Check for security fixes and bug fixes which might only mention pages in comments, on, etc and ensure they are picked.
  • Consider squashing some commits. Check if fewer commits would be preferred. Docs changes could be filtered out and done in a single commit, commits from each MR could be combined to remove WIP commits and version updates.

Todo after

  • Check documentation was updated to reflect inclusion in CE from 8.17. E.g. in doc/user/project/pages/
  • Ensure that the CE->EE merge doesn't include changes from these commits
  • Move pages related issues and open MRs from EE project to CE project. Create %pages% label.


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