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Fix code that selects latest pipelines

Lin Jen-Shin requested to merge fix-latest-pipeine-ordering into master

Ci::Pipeline.latest order by id DESC

The name latest implies that it's reverse chronological, and we did expect it that way.

ok, I think markglenfletchera is correct in that Project#latest_successful_builds_for is giving oldest pipeline rather than latest pipeline. This is a regression introduced by !7333 (merged) where order(id: :desc) was removed causing this. The offending change was: 9e176c7c719fe485847d0fb0564275_92_108

The confusion was caused by the latest name implication, which actually didn't order anything, and I think we should add order(id: :desc) to Ci::Pipeline.latest otherwise it's confusing that it's not actually ordered.

Closes #25993 (closed) Closes #26031 (closed)

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