Resolve "Disable GCP free credit banner at instance level"

What does this MR do?

Adds the option to hide third-party offers in the Admin -> Application Settings section.

If this option is left unchecked, i.e., display third party offers, the user will still be able to opt-out of it once they click the "x" on the offer, as it functioned before.

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See issue.

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== 20180704204006 AddHideThirdPartyOffersToApplicationSettings: migrating =====
-- transaction_open?()
   -> 0.0000s
-- execute("SET statement_timeout TO 0")
   -> 0.0004s
-- transaction()
-- add_column(:application_settings, :hide_third_party_offers, :boolean, {:default=>nil})
   -> 0.0026s
-- change_column_default(:application_settings, :hide_third_party_offers, false)
   -> 0.0076s
   -> 0.0117s
-- transaction_open?()
   -> 0.0000s
-- exec_query("SELECT COUNT(*) AS count FROM \"application_settings\"")
   -> 0.0007s
-- exec_query("SELECT  \"application_settings\".\"id\" FROM \"application_settings\"  ORDER BY \"application_settings\".\"id\" ASC LIMIT 1")
   -> 0.0004s
-- exec_query("SELECT  \"application_settings\".\"id\" FROM \"application_settings\" WHERE \"application_settings\".\"id\" >= 1  ORDER BY \"application_settings\".\"id\" ASC LIMIT 1 OFFSET 1")
   -> 0.0005s
-- execute("UPDATE \"application_settings\" SET \"hide_third_party_offers\" = 'f' WHERE \"application_settings\".\"id\" >= 1")
   -> 0.0012s
-- change_column_null(:application_settings, :hide_third_party_offers, false)
   -> 0.0013s
== 20180704204006 AddHideThirdPartyOffersToApplicationSettings: migrated (0.0228s)

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Closes #48578 (closed)

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