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Global nav

Marcia Ramos requested to merge global-nav into master



  • Create the global nav
  • Make it work on mobile (hidden on mobile ATM)
  • BE review (just double check)
  • FE review

FOR FE review:

  • When we scroll down the nav, when it finishes scrolling, the page starts scrolling the content. Fix this to simply when the nav stops scrolling, just stop right there.
  • Try to fix buggy ToC toggle (note that it's displayed only on mobile):
    • the first click doesn't collapse it
    • on the next clicks, there's a brief (weird) pause when the div is collapsing


    1. Open a terminal in CE:
    • git pull
    • git checkout docs-add-global-nav
    1. Open a terminal in gitlab-docs:
    • git pull
    • git checkout global-nav
    • bundle install (to update the gems)
    • bundle exec nanoc compile
    • bundle exec nanoc live
    1. Preview at http://localhost:3000/ce/README.html


  • Transfer <%= render '/global_nav.*' %> to default doc and delete default-copy
  • Revert .gitlab-ci.yml to branch master
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