Prioritized Labels
  • Category:Serverless
    All issues and MRs related to the Serverless category within devops::configure.
  • dockerfile
    Related to the dockerfiles present in the gitlab-docs project / GitLab Docs
  • Category:Chaos Engineering
    Issues related to chaos engineering (part of ~devops:configure stage)
  • docs-discussion
    Ongoing discussions for the docs team / GitLab Docs
  • devopsconfigure
    Issues for the Configure stage of the DevOps lifecycle (e.g. Auto DevOps , Kubernetes Configuration, ChatOps, Serverless, PaaS)
  • kramdown
    Kramdown related issues / GitLab Docs
  • Accepting merge requests
    Issues opened for contribution from the Community. Issue's weight is an estimation of complexity. Please mention @gitlab-org/coaches if you have any questions :)
  • Category:Infrastructure as Code
    All issues and MRs related to the Infrastructure as Code category within devops::configure.
  • Category:Cluster Monitoring
    Issues belonging to the Monitor stage Health group for product category Cluster Monitoring
  • Category:Auto DevOps
    Issues for Auto DevOps, part of the Configure stage of the DevOps lifecycle
  • Category:Code Quality
    All issues and MRs related to the code quality category within devops:verify
  • Category:Container Registry
    Category label - Features that apply to management container registries
  • groupconfigure
    Issues belonging to the Configure group of the Configure stage of the DevOps lifecycle. See
  • Category:Continuous Integration
    All issues and MRs related to the continuous integration category within devops:verify
  • Category:Runner
    All issues and MRs related to the runner category within devops:verify
  • infrastructure configuration
    Issues for Infrastructure Configuration, part of the Configure stage of the DevOps lifecycle
  • operations
    Issues for Operations, part of the Configure stage of the DevOps lifecycle
  • Category:Cluster Cost Optimization
    Issues related to the "cluster cost optimization" category of the configure stage. See &503
  • Charts
    Related to the Charts components built on gitlab-ui
  • Category:Cloud Native Installation
  • development guidelines
    Changes or updates to the development guidelines in the /development directory in the GitLab documentation. (Info:
  • groupsource code
    Issues belonging to the Source Code group of the Create stage of the DevOps lifecycle. See
  • grouprunner
    Issues belonging to the Runner group of the Verify stage of the DevOps lifecycle.
  • Category:Kubernetes Management
    Relating the `Kubernetes Management` category within the configure stage
  • rails6
    Issues and Merge Requests related to upgrading to Rails 6
  • Other Labels
  • 🍎
    🍎 Used by the Fulfillment group to identify potentially quick wins that have a weight of 2 or less - i.e. low hanging fruit
  • #field-fyi
    Earmarked to notify the sales team of issue updates.
  • 1st contribution
    First contribution from a community member
  • 2021-db-training
    Issues that you want to look with the trainer and other trainees in the working sessions of 2021 PostgreSQL database training
  • 2021Q1 Latency Degradation
  • 2FA
  • 404 page
    Issues and merge requests related to the 404 page / GitLab Docs
  • 5-minute-prod-app
    5 minute production app. New initiative from Sid and DZ.
  • API Limits
  • APM
    Issues for Application Performance Monitoring (APM), part of the Monitor stage of the DevOps lifecycle
  • AR-0open
    Access Request opened and has not been seen, worked on, or added to backlog
  • AR-1needs manager approval
    Access Request pending Manager Approval
  • AR-2backlog
    Access Requests with assigned, approval labels, and ready to go
  • AR-3in progress
    Access Request currently in progress
  • AR-4on hold
    Access Request pending licenses
  • ARM
  • ASC
    Issues that are designated to be tackled as part of the Advanced Software Course
  • AST Leadership
    Issues and epics related to the Secure & Defend Section FY21 initiative to be recognized as a AST leader by accelerating maturity of SAST, DAST, Dependency Scanning, Fuzz Testing, and Vulnerability Management.
  • Abuse Prevention
    To be used for all abuse prevention related features and proposals for, EE and CE
  • Actionable Insight
    This is an actionable research insight derived from a UX research study. This insight has some kind of action or to-do associated with it, as a result of the UX research.