Filtering docs comments (with tabs)

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Review app:


  • Make <%= edit_on_gitlab(@item) %> render separately of the <a> (
  • Fix button "EDIT THIS PAGE"
  • Better layout text + buttons (maybe 2nd iteration?)
  • Fix "Post on the GitLab Forum"
  • Add id to "Your feedback is important!"
  • Add back conditionals for displaying only in production env
  • Rename section from “Your feedback is important” to “Help and Feedback”
  • Switch the order of the first two tabs so the Docs one is first.
  • Default that first Docs tab to being open without needing to click.
  • Change “Get Help” tab name to “Questions”
  • Add a final/extra item in Get Help that links to Sales. E.g.: If you have questions about the [features]( or [pricing]( of GitLab's paid tiers -> [Contact Sales](
  • “it feels like it’s part of this document, maybe we should make it stand out more” (Maybe use a different heading style that's a bit smaller and centered? And/or use a thicker, red (same red as the current star icon) HR above the section, or enclose the section it some differently shaded box**? Maybe some other solution?)

  • Get this linked in the end of the right-side TOC. Not sure if that’s realistic for this MVP so we can always save this for later ... or maybe it's easy just to have a hard-coded extra item of the same format "below" each TOC that looks like it's part of the TOC. =>
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