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Draft: Engineering Gearing Ratios for ICs above the Staff-level

Eric Johnson requested to merge span-of-influence into master

[HIGHLIGHT] this is a proposal. We are soliciting feedback from all of Engineering. Two perfectly reasonable outcomes might be that this does not move forward. Or that it substantially changes [HIGHLIGHT]

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Why is this change being made?

Implementing a process to 1.) get more leverage from of our Staff+ ICs, and 2.) prevent a top-heavy organization [title inflation]. It must also be transparent, fair, and simple to enforce.

Other virtues that have come out of the discussion:

  • Make diversity targets the same for Staff+ ICs as they are for Manager+'s.
  • Keep the switching cost low by
    • Don't change anyone's current title
    • Don't change anyone's role (substantially)

To do's

  • Move to the company/structure section at Sid's request, as other divisions will need this too
  • Update Staff+ job families with "technical leverage" expectations
  • Get feedback from Engineering Division and alter the proposal when necessary
    • Get Sid's initial feedback
    • Post in Eric's staff meeting - Aug 12
    • Post in #evpe slack channel - Aug 12
    • Place in the week-in-review - Aug 17
    • Post in Eric's staff meeting - Aug 19
    • Post in Eric's APAC-friendly office hours - Aug 19
    • Solicit feedback in Architecture Kickoff working group - Aug 19
    • Socialize in e-group offsite - Aug 20
    • Post in Eric's staff meeting - Aug 26
    • Post in Eric's EMEA-friendly office hours - Aug 27
    • Schedule EMEA-friendly AMA on this topic
    • Schedule APAC-friendly AMA on this topic
  • Write an FAQ (if decision moves ahead) for comms
  • Final decision and optionally merge? - TBD

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