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Prioritized labels

Drag to reorder prioritized labels and change their relative priority.
  • OKR FY24Customer Results / GitLab Support Team
    Delivering customer results
  • ProgressBlocked / GitLab Support Team
    Waiting for external info or action
  • ProgressIn Progress / GitLab Support Team
    Currently being worked - max 6 issues at any one time with this label
  • OKR FY24Scaling Support / GitLab Support Team
    Refine delivery of existing offerings
  • ProgressAssigned / GitLab Support Team
  • OKR FY24Strengthen the Team / GitLab Support Team
    Improve team performance
  • ProgressNeeds assignee / GitLab Support Team
    Support issue is ready for implementation. Needs assignee.
  • Other labels

  • ABM
    Label to be added for Account Based Marketing (ABM) initiatives or to notify the ABM team
    Issues that the Account Based Marketing (ABM) team should be aware of but are not the DRI for
  • AMER-Sup-Dir-OMM / GitLab Support Team / Support Team Meta
    Subscribe to this label to see updates about what's on AMER Support Director's Mind
  • APAC-FrequencyQuarterly / GitLab Support Team
  • APAC-FrequencyWeekly / GitLab Support Team
  • APAC-FrequencyYearly / GitLab Support Team
  • APAC-ImpactGood to Know / GitLab Support Team
  • APAC-ImpactHigh / GitLab Support Team
  • APAC-ImpactLow / GitLab Support Team
  • APAC-ImpactMedium / GitLab Support Team
  • Access Request pending Manager Approval
  • AR-ChangeFunctional
    Access Request Baseline Entitlement Template Functional Change
  • Access Request Baseline Entitlement Template Non-Functional Change
  • ARIn Queue
    Access Requests with assigned, approval labels, and ready to go
  • ARNeeds info
    this access request needs information to move forward
  • AROn hold
    Access Request pending licenses
  • ARMIn Progress
    Created by Alex Martin for issues she is working on
  • ARMPinned
    Created by Alex Martin for her pinned issues
  • ARMQueue
    Created by Alex Martin for issues in queue