Prioritized labels

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  • OKR FY24Customer Results / GitLab Support Team
    Delivering customer results
  • ProgressBlocked / GitLab Support Team
    Waiting for external info or action
  • OKR FY24Not Applicable / GitLab Support Team
    Does not relate to any FY24 OKR
  • ProgressIn Progress / GitLab Support Team
    Currently being worked - max 6 issues at any one time with this label
  • OKR FY24Scaling Support / GitLab Support Team
    Refine delivery of existing offerings
  • ProgressAssigned / GitLab Support Team
  • OKR FY24Strengthen the Team / GitLab Support Team
    Improve team performance
  • ProgressNeeds assignee / GitLab Support Team
    Support issue is ready for implementation. Needs assignee.
  • Other labels

  • 2021Q1 Latency Degradation
  • 22Q1-okr-fp&a
  • ABM
    Created by Jackie Gragnola on 2021-11-16 to use in prioritization for ABM, and milestone maintenance.
    Issues that the Account Based team should be aware of but are not the DRI for
  • ABM Nomination
    Used to track accounts nominated for account based marketing
  • AJSDoing
  • AJSIn Review
  • AJSReady
  • AJSTracking
  • AMER-Sup-Dir-OMM / GitLab Support Team / Support Team Meta
    Subscribe to this label to see updates about what's on AMER Support Director's Mind
  • APAC-FrequencyQuarterly / GitLab Support Team
  • APAC-FrequencyWeekly / GitLab Support Team
  • APAC-FrequencyYearly / GitLab Support Team
  • APAC-ImpactGood to Know / GitLab Support Team
  • APAC-ImpactHigh / GitLab Support Team
  • APAC-ImpactLow / GitLab Support Team
  • APAC-ImpactMedium / GitLab Support Team
  • AR-ApprovalNeeds Manager Approval
    Access Request pending Manager Approval
  • AR-ChangeFunctional
    Access Request Baseline Entitlement Template Functional Change
  • AR-ChangeNon-Functional
    Access Request Baseline Entitlement Template Non-Functional Change