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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • 0.14.0 Release: 0.14.0
    - Added support for API keys (JWT tokens) to make API calls from custom clients. Allowed origins are configurable
      in the instance configuration file
    - Enable caching of general data (families, genera, resources, ...)
    - Display a circle near mouse cursor when drawing patches
    - Display a circle instead of a small point when selecting a single element
    - Display information in a tooltip when hovering map elements
    - Display nice 404 errors in VueJS applications (not on Rails errors)
    - Rework map controls: add more controls and help
    - Limit zoom on maps with custom picture
    - Improve warning messages shown before destroying things
    - Limit the loading screen sizes between tabs
    - Improved filters on the coordination tab
    - Require password to delete an account
    - Reworked the account preferences page
    - Fixed translation display for form errors
    - Fixed date-time picker in harvesting form
    - Fix app crashing after removing a patch
    - Account: Deletion works on accounts with lots of data created
    - Upgrade to Rails 7.1
    - Upgrade RiseUI to 1.1.0
    - Remove Storybook and create documentation based on RiseUI documentation system
    - Use Ruby 3.1 instead of 2.7
    - Use Node 20 instead of 16
  • 0.13.3
    - VueJS comonents are now in a separate library
    - Fixed and improved layer management
  • 0.13.2
    - Paths: When drawing paths, multiple entities were created instead of one
    - Resource selector: Handle case where resources don't have an interaction group
    - Map: Fix line width representing elements diameters
    New features:
    - Allow drawing empty patches (#85)
    - Map: Improved patterns for empty patches and patches with many resources
  • 0.13.1
    - Thumbnails: Thumbnails are only loaded when visible
    - Harvests: Fix button to delete entries
  • 0.13.0
    Breaking changes
     - Activate "web history" mode for VueJS application routes. Update your favorites.
    New features
     - Introduce the harvesting system. Feedback welcome.
     - Timeline: create a page to display all the observations and tasks
     - Timeline (shared maps): create a page to display all the observations
     - Observations: add button to create observations from observation modal
     - Observations: add buttons to edit/destroy observations
     - Tasks: add filter to display done tasks
     - Patches: Display interactions when adding resources
     - Serve Ubuntu font
     - Admin: Add link to create new resource from genus' show view
     - Admin: Add link to create new genus from family's show view
     - Task form: Add a checkbox to choose whether to complete tasks in the past as done
     - Resources: Fix hardcoded header
     - Garden: Fix path drawing tool not... drawing
     - Observations: Fix displayed picture size on Chrome
     - Shared map: Fix button to toggle side panel on mobile
  • 0.12.0
    Breaking changes:
      - Rework of the interactions system with the use of interactions groups
      - Upgrade Ruby on rails to version 7
      - Library: Rework of the resources page
      - Trusted data: Import/export and sync interactions
      - Copy resource name when duplicating elements
      - Coordination: Improve graphs readability
      - Elements: Support implantation mode
      - Patches: Sort elements in patch details
      - Trusted data: Handle multi-file packs
      - Garden: Better guide user to draw things
      - Library: Search genera and families
      - Library: Refine incomplete interactions meaning
  • 0.11.2
    New features:
    - Console: Add rake task to normalize library data
    - Library: Normalize data before validation
    - Elements: Add unit for current diameter in form
    - Resource interactions: do not break form when interaction is not found
    - Coordination: Prevent duplicate display of ungrouped resources
    - Map: Update styles asynchronously when updating a patch or standalone element
  • 0.11.1
    - Gardens: Don't preload all resources patterns
    - Coordination: Display implantation bars again
  • 0.11.0
    Breaking changes:
    - Configuration: Configuration keys changed
    New features:
    - Ability to duplicate an element in a patch
    - Coordination: Ability to group view by resource
    - Coordination: Ability to add resources from the view
    - Library: Resource interaction form is now available
    - Change elements actions layout depending on context
    - Inventory: More compact list
    - Map: Ability to draw paths without a name
    - Home: Page has been reworked
    - Gardens: Soil analysis tool are now integrated in the gardens app and is no longer available
    - Gardens: Layout changed a bit
    - Fix: Scale standalone elements position when changing the map's scale
    - Fix: Unable to delete a patch, as a teammate
    - Fix: Unable to change implantation date as a teammate
    - Fix: Missing layers icon in activity view
    - Fix: Display elements custom names in patches
    - Fix: Error when saving elements without dates
    - Fix: Soft deleted elements still show up in API results
    - Fix: Missing activity when renaming elements or changing their patch
  • 0.10.0
    New features
      - Application: Create "coordination" view that helps to easily determine
        the implantation/removal dates
      - Application: Display initial loading steps
      - Application: Ability to search an element's resource from its edition form
      - Application: Ability to change an element's patch from its edition form
      - Application: Measurements are readable again while drawing
      - Admin: Sowing/harvesting periods are readable again
      - App: Fix exceptions thrown when interacting with the map after a map change
      - Style: Orange color is slightly
      - API: The <code>tag_list</code> fields contains a list of tags
      - Application: Drawing color changes are applied when the drawing is deselected
  • 0.9.1
    - Fix migration
  • 0.9.0
    - Use Vite
    - Upgrade Vue to version 3.x
    - Components rework
    - Some n+1 fixes
    - ...
  • 0.8.1
    Performance update
    New features
    - Admin tasks: display amount of inactive users in stats
    - Admin tasks: Add task to sync all new entities from trusted data source
    - Library: Add search and filters
    - Improve performance in resource selectors
    - Improve performance in library
  • 0.8.0
    Administration and rework
    Breaking changes:
      -API: changes in requests/responses
    New features:
      - Library: Resources can now have public user notes
      - Library: Add "diameter" attribute to resources, to display the space
        the resource uses when mature
      - Library: Add sowing/harvesting periods
      - Library: Add ability for users to edit resource tags
      - Inventory: Add "diameter" attribute to elements to display the space
        it currently takes
      - Map: Display diameters (current and maximum)
      - Admin: Pagination on index pages
      - Admin: Search, filters and ordering indexes
      - Admin: Display changes history with a diff
      - Admin: Create an area to manage tags
      - Admin: Create an area to synchronize library with a trusted source
      - Instance: Add ability for maintainers to display an announce message
        on the home page.
      - Map: Activities is now a thing and all actions performed by map members
        are logged.
      - Map: Tasks are now created automatically for some actions
      - Map: Improved path style selector
      - Map: "Action" system was split into "observations", "tasks" and "activities"
      - Library: Multiple sources can now be attached to a resource
      - Library: "edible" attribute is removed, a tag should be used for this.
      - Map/inventory: Fixed dates edition in elements form: they were all messed up and
        irrelevant depending on the context
      - Other small fixes and improvements
  • 0.7.0
    - Descriptions are removed from families and genera
    - Descriptions are now optional for resources
    - Support for custom map background color
    - Support for notifications
    - Ability to invite team mates in a garden: they will have the same
      rights as the owner except for the edition of map parameters.
    - Ability to assign tasks to team mates
    - Resources images are now generated on the client, reducing
      the number of requests to the server and the loading time
    - Display child resources in search results
    - Actions pictures are resized to the maximum allowed by server before
      uploading, reducing upload times
    - Various test improvements, general maintenance
    - Display measure tooltips when drawing paths and patches
    - Fix form errors display
    - Fix some failing PATCH requests
    - A lot of other small fixes
  • 0.6.1
    Mobile views
    Bug fixes
  • 0.6.0
    - Added split tags support
    - Added map notes
    - Added ability to hide background image
    - Added ability to create actions on map, patches and paths in addition to actions on elements
    - Added legend in shared maps
  • 0.5.0
    - Enforce family presence on genus
    - Enforce unique genus names
    - Enforce unique family names
    - Kingdom moved from genus to family, as family is now enforced
    - Ability to edit elements (resource and implantation/removal dates)
    - Ability to perform actions on non-implanted elements
    - Tags for resources
    - Footer with app version
  • 0.4.1
    b8f49f22 · chore(changelog): Update ·
    Improvements and fixes
    - Improve administration area
    - Other small fixes and improvements
  • 0.4.0
    - Latin names
    - Families