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    +The compiler produced wrong code for RETURN-FROM forms inside an UNWIND-PROTECT. · 9b4bd625
    jjgarcia authored
    +Deftype BIT-VECTOR would not expand to a vector type.
    +Each compiled file has an entry point whose name is either
     init_CODE() or another name based on the name of the source file.
     The algorithm for computing these names has been slightly changed
     so that the entry points of ECLS's own library do not conflict with
     user defined entry points.
    +A LET/LET* form in which the initializers for a variable have not
     the expected type produce a warning, but the code is accepted. For
     instance (LET (V) (DECLARE (TYPE FIXNUM V)) (SETQ V 1)) now
    +(SETF name), where name is a symbol, is now a valid function name in all
     contexts. It is accepted by DEFUN, FUNCTION, FBOUNDP, FMAKUNBOUND, etc,
     and it can be the on the function position in any form.
    +New specialized arrays for (UNSIGNED-BYTE 8) and (SIGNED-BYTE 8).
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