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  • v0.8A   Second release
    6396bdf6 · updates the readme ·
    Release v0.8A

    download the release here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/naoaf89h892gi69/Cave%20Story%20Randomizer%20%5BOpen%20Mode%5D%20v0.8A.zip?dl=1

    this release fixes a heck of a lot of bugs that were introduced in v0.8: check out https://gitlab.com/duncathan/cave-story-randomizer/issues?label_name%5B%5D=v0.8A to see exactly which were addressed.

    a few other improvements or additions have been made:

    • single-use items such as keys now get removed from your inventory after use to reduce clutter
    • you can now break down kazuma's door from both the inside and the outside
    • the teleporter in kazuma's shelter is active as soon as you enter
    • mr little now requires that you show him the blade before he gives you his item
    • the door between egg no. 0 and the outer wall only gets opened if you have saved kazuma, as was intended
    • the splash screen for the randomizer program has been updated
    • the in-game title screen has been improved

    additionally, this new release comes with the launch of our new discord server. check it out! https://discord.gg/7zUdPEn

  • v0.8   First release!
    7c1b5a8d · cleans up pre-edited-cs ·
    Release v0.8

    download release: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7ahzuefs12ta6go/Cave%20Story%20Randomizer%20%5BOpen%20Mode%5D%20v0.8.zip?dl=1

    please use the data folder in the included cave story folder to perform the randomization. it has been pre-modified; other versions of cave story (including vanilla) will not randomize properly

    differences from vanilla:

    • all 5 teleporter locations in arthur's house are active from the beginning of the game
    • all other teleporters from vanilla should be active and linked to one another at all times
    • most cutscenes are abridged or skipped entirely
    • jellyfish juice is infinite use
    • you can carry more than one puppy at once (puppies can only be placed in the sand zone, btw)
    • certain items that are received from NPCs have been placed in chests
      • labyrinth B
      • labyrinth shop [3] (requiring the machine gun, fireball, and spur respectively to open)
      • jail no. 1
      • storage? (ma pignon room)
    • a teleporter between sand zone storehouse and labyrinth I has been placed: it activates either after defeating toroko+ or using the labyrinth I side
    • if you don't have the air tank after defeating the core, the water will not rise and you may leave without dying
    • curly cannot be left behind permanently in the core: the shutter will never close once the boss is defeated
    • the jump in the waterway to save curly has been made easier
    • ironhead will always give you his item on defeat (there's still a special surprise if you beat him without taking damage, though)
    • entering the throne room to complete the game requires both obtaining the iron bond and saving sue in the egg corridor