Second release

download the release here:

this release fixes a heck of a lot of bugs that were introduced in v0.8: check out to see exactly which were addressed.

a few other improvements or additions have been made:

  • single-use items such as keys now get removed from your inventory after use to reduce clutter
  • you can now break down kazuma's door from both the inside and the outside
  • the teleporter in kazuma's shelter is active as soon as you enter
  • mr little now requires that you show him the blade before he gives you his item
  • the door between egg no. 0 and the outer wall only gets opened if you have saved kazuma, as was intended
  • the splash screen for the randomizer program has been updated
  • the in-game title screen has been improved

additionally, this new release comes with the launch of our new discord server. check it out!